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History of the company "Roand":

Company "Roand Image Graphics" was established in 1994 and specializes on designing the visual part of the corporate style for companies of the aerospace industry, on production and use of the exterior and interior elements for aircraft.

Of course, we would not reach the current level, without the help and trust of our partners and customers. Cooperation with many of them was the development stages of the company, below are some of the most significant of them:

1994 . - jointly with the companies 3 and Transaero full-scale use of self-adhesive films for the aircraft external marking was started in Russia.

1996 . - the first aircraft marking beyond the Russian boundaries - u-154 of the Georgian Airlines Air Gorgia.

1996 . - the largest logo (as of February, 2006) with the sizes of 1.5 15 was glued on DC-10 airplane of the airlines Transaero, in Manchester (England).

1997-1999 .. - design of the corporate style of AK (Airlines) Transeuropean Airlines, followed by combined painting according to our drawings and with our decal for Tu-154 m (April 1997, VARZ-400, Moscow), Il-86 (October 1997, Shannon, Ireland) and Tu-204 (April 1999, Aviastar, City of Ulyanovsk).

1998 . - design of the corporate style of the Airlines Sakha Airlines and remarking with films of -310 into a new livery (Zurich, Switzerland).

2000 . - rebranding of the Airlines Lukoil - Avia.

2001 . - production of information plates for the aircraft interior was commenced, the start customers were the companies and Transaero.

2002 . - acknowledgement of JSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex of our company an official supplier of elements of the external and internal marking for Il planes.

2004 . - technological preparation, production and gluing on the tail fin, rudder and the fuselage tail part of the plane Yak-42D of a large sole full-coloured image fulfilled on film 3 7322 were conducted.

2004 . - design of the corporate style of the Airlines Vi- Avia with the use of 3D-simulation in UG, while developing the livery design and painting drawings for -757.

2004 . - rebranding of the Airlines Vladivostok Avia, including livery designs, painting drawings for u-204-300, u-154, Yak-40 and the interior decor design for u-204-300 with the use of 3D-simulation in UG.

2005 . - works on realization of the rebranding company of the Airlines S7 (Siberia) developed by the company Landor.

2005-2006 .. - design of the corporate style of the Airlines Air Bashkortostan.

In the past years our services were rendered to dozens of companies in Russia and in the CIS countries. Meanwhile, a long-term cooperation has already been formed with many of them. This site presents results of many of our works.

In the production activity we have proved in practice to aviation enterprises the social safety and significant advantages of the use of films at aircraft in the operation conditions in Russia and the CIS.

Teams of our specialists arrive to aircraft base airfields of our customers in any point of the world to carry out the works. Every year the geography of the places, where we have performed the works and to where we have supplied our production, extends.

Since 1994 we have been a certified partner of the company "3", the founder of the film technology and the world leader in this field, in application to aviation. Our company is authorized by the company "3" to conduct education and practical training on application of "3" materials for aircraft marking.

The accumulated experience, the striving for extension of the specter and for improvement of the quality of our services allow us to offer to the customers according to the criterion the price-the quality-the time of performance a perfect product, which sometimes can prove to be unique for its time.

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