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Dear visitors,
at the present time our website is under construction. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

In the near future the site will be updated with new sections and expanded functionality.

"Roand Techno-Graphics", Ltd.

In accordance with the development plan of companies Roand-image graphics and Roand Techno-graph occurred a business trip of our specialists to Germany.

The development plan of "Roand Techno-Graphics"

In accordance with the business plan project to set up SEZ "Dubna" located in the city of Dubna (Moscow region), company creates an engineering center "Engineering services and components for the aviation industry and air transportation", consisting of Project Bureau and Production Laboratory.

Two departments of Project Bureau will be respectively working on the projects for aviation and transport industry companies, for both Russians and overseas customers. The company mainly focuses its activities on Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

Services for aviation industry consists of skilled engineering staff with experience in the Russian aviation industry and performs all design activities using computer-aided design software of such companies as DassaultSystemes, SIEMENS and others in order to solve a wide variety of design challenges faced during the development and manufacturing of aircraft components.

Services for air transportation consists of skilled engineering staff with experience in the airline companies and MRO centers and use a specialized software in order to prepare engineering and technical documentation for implementation of changes to the aircraft as well as CAD software.

Production Laboratory activity will aim to develop technological models of components production for the aircraft in conjunction with leading experts of Project Bureau, deploying the manufacture in the SEZ "Dubna", or outside it.

The project is implemented jointly with the parent company Roand-Image Graphics, which since 1994 provides services for the design development of aircraft exteriors and interiors and has its own production of marking elements, being OEM organization of several planes and helicopters of Russian manufacture. Long-term experience in aviation, market expertise and established customer base in Russia and the CIS countries, which consists of airlines, MRO centers, aircraft manufacturers of civil sector and military aviation enterprises, allows us to hope for a successful development of project.

The presence of two offices in Moscow and Dubna will allow us to take advantages of the first, as the largest aviation center of Russia, and the benefits of the second one, located in free economic zone, just 120 km from Moscow, where we as residents will be able to use all provided tax and customs privileges.

The project is also expected to present and promote aviation products and materials of foreign companies on the Russia and CIS market as well as to implement their technical maintenance in operation and participate later in the design of modifications or new products for this market.

We are currently on the initial phase of the project and call for cooperation both customers and Russian and overseas partners to achieve new goals.


The company "Roand Techno-Graphics" was registered in the town of Dubna, Moscow Region in November 2011. Currently the company is in the process of the resident status obtaining in Special Economic Zones of Technological Innovation Type "DUBNA" in Moscow Region.

The business plan of the project "Engineering services and components for the aviation industry and air transport" was passed Supervisory Board on December 8 and submitted to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russia Federation.

The project objective is to create an innovative and high-tech company in the special economic area of technical-promotional type in Dubna (Moscow Region), that is planning to carry out the following technical and innovative activities:

  • Engineering and consulting services in aviation and related fields which base on the latest computer aided design methodologies and computer analysis tools, including the creation of several versions of proposed solutions with optimization in accordance with criteria established by the customers from industry or transport;
  • computer-aided design and visualization of aircraft and their components for aviation industry and transport. Establishment of programs for the operational and technical documentation preparation on the stage of its creation and change during the aircraft operation;
  • Establishment of programs for compiling of aircraft components and other vehicles electronic catalogues on the stage of their creation and in order to maintain their during the operation, providing the logistics services unit additionally;
  • Conduct of research and development activities in the field of creation and production of aircraft components.

During the development of the project it is planning to create 78 work positions. The billing period of the business plan constitutes 7 years. Personnel will be placed in the leased premises located in the territory of SEZ "Dubna".


Our vacancies currently open are listed below:

  • Design Engineer
  • Analyst Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer

Information concerning possible options for solving the housing problem in the city of Dubna is discussed in the review process of a candidate for position.

If you are interested in any of the above vacancies, please send your CV to