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Our company offers a wide specter of services on execution of the external and interior marking of aircraft. We can manufacture and glue any marking elements for your aircraft or supply decals to you with a user manual.

In section Our customers you can familiarize yourselves with the evaluation of application of films by our customers, who for many years have been operating the aircraft, the marking of which has been accomplished by us.

External Marking
1. Remarking of Aircraft.

It shall be used in case, when the airlines lease (lease out), purchase aircraft or change its name and the aircraft livery shall be promptly changed. These works can be quickly and with high quality performed with films.

Upon expiration of the lease term, the films shall be removed, and the aircraft will be just returned to the initial condition.

Double painting will be thus excluded, and there is no need to fly anywhere, as we shall do everything with the help of films at the base airfield in the interval between the flights or during the technical maintenance works. In the result you will receive considerable saving of funds as compared to high-quality painting.

2. Marking (painting) of aircraft with a combined method.

Initially a background painting of the aircraft shall be performed, and then all elements of the airlines symbols, emergency-escape marking and designation of the service centers shall be applied with films. We have fulfilled a combined painting of aircraft at Aviastar, VASO, RZ-400, Minsk ARZ, Bykovo ARZ, as well as base as base airfields of the airlines, which painted airplanes only in the white colour, and all remaining marking was applied by us in films.

In the result we save the time of the whole painting cycle (from 1 to 4 days, depending on the complexity of the design and the plant production cycle), and it, accordingly, entails saving of money. Besides, in this case there is a possibility to remove or change the marking, if the aircraft is handed over to another owner, or if the marking variant does not seem pleasant any longer. In our practice we have already had such cases with VIP-airplanes.

Observing the traditional marking technology (painting), such changes can be possible only at re-painting of the aircraft.

3. Additional marking of aircraft with films for the advertising or other purposes.

Films are good due to the fact that after an advertising action they can be removed without damaging the paint-and-lacquer coating.
Certainly, for the further development of this trend (advertising on aircraft), creation of, as is common to say today, of legal environment, and we are ready to work on it jointly with airlines.
Currently we have been already cooperating with a number of airlines and companies on placement of advertising on aircraft.

Airlines or the aircraft owner can use the external aircraft surfaces for advertising of its important events or services:
opening of a new route
a new tariff,
as well as:
for placement of advertising of other companies on one, several charter flights or for a term of up to 1 year on regular flights;
for placement of advertising of the most important events in the country, region, city.

4. Manufacture and supply of sets or separate decals.

At our company you can order not only decals of the logo, emblem, flag, registration number or other elements of the aircraft livery, but also technological decals (a set or separate decals) for independent use.

Decals of the external emergency-escape marking and designation of the service points at the aircraft glider.
Depending on the aircraft livery design, the standard set can be revised. At present we have set up the production and supply sets of decals or separate decals for the following aircraft:

  • Il-62/76/86/96/103/114;
  • Tu-134/154/204;
  • Yak-18/40/42/52;
  • An-2/24/26/72/74/;
  • L-29/410;
  • Su-29/31/31/38L;
  • Ka-32/50/60/226;
  • Mi-34.

    We constantly extend this list.
By application we forward specimens for testing.

Internal marking

Sets or separate decals from such sets can be ordered from us for independent use.
Plates decals of the internal visual information and emergency-escape marking of the aircraft cabin, salon, toilets and vestibules; similar self-adhesive plates are used by Boeing and Airbus.

For better combination with the aircraft interior, the customer can choose the plates background colour:

white light grey light beige light blue light green

Depending on the interior element surface (curvature, texture, colour/pattern) and the wish of the customer (whether the face surface shall be glossy or dull/rough), plates of several types are produced.

We also produce photoluminescent (light accumulating) decals of the system of indicators of the emergency escape of the aircraft salon.

Currently we have set up the production and supply sets or separate plates for the following aircraft:

  • Il-76/86/96/103/114;
  • Tu-134/154/204;
  • Yak-40/42;
  • Ka-32/226;
  • An-74/140;
  • B-737/757/767;
  • -310;
  • A-320

    We constantly extend this list.
By application we forward specimens for testing.

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