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The Company "Roand – Image Graphic" renders services on designing the interior decor of passenger airplanes.

If you do not have continuity in the interior decor or if you do have it but it is already out-of-date and the management has decided to reach a new comfort level to be offered to your passengers, it is evident that large-scale and difficult work is in store for you.

Anyway, if the task has been set, it shall be started with something. We offer to you our understanding of solving this problem.

The most important is that that you will have not only to choose the fit-out materials from the suppliers but also to be able to see the way all of it will later look like in the aircraft salon.

There are only two ways to achieve it:
· evaluation of the aircraft salon at the full-scale mock-up or at a real aircraft;
· evaluation by means of computer graphic (visualization).
For second variation the visualization reality extent is very important.

In the salon decor design method, used by us, the fact that our designers conduct work over the interior decor with evaluation of variants by means of computer visualization at 3D-models in Unigraphics NX4 system. Our customers can see reality scene what how to look there salon. And our customer can practically see with his own eyes how his salon will look like from any distance and in any project view, what allows minimizing the customer’s mistake in the choice of the final variant.


We also consider important the fact that our designers from the very beginning work in the close contact with the producers of the fit-out materials, and it renders our designs really feasible.


Resulting from our work, the customer receives the standard interior decor of a certain aircraft type or for the whole aircraft fleet. This document, as well as other constants of the corporate style of the company, allows all services related to the interior, maintain the continuity thereof in the aircraft operation process.


Having familiarized yourself with a brief description of the issues to be discussed with the customer, while making the project statement, it will be easier for you to realize the design scope you can order for yourself:

  1. Interior of what aircraft types shall be considered in the design?
  2. Salon design of each aircraft type.
  3. What salon zones shall be considered in the design (business class, economy class, vestibule, cloakroom, toilet)?
  4. The applied 3D-model for visualization of the interior zones (existing in our models bank/creation of a new model).
  5. What interior objects shall be considered in the design?
    These are surfaces (the ceiling panels, overhead racks, sidewall panels, skirting, floor, partitions, curtains, etc.), ready-made products (passenger and crew armchairs and their elements; service trolleys, etc.), accessories (removable head-rests, plaids, pillows, crockery, …), flight attendants uniform.
  6. 3D-models for objects visualization of an interior (ready from our models bank / creation of new models).
  7. The approach to selection of the decor materials (of below mentioned).
    We cooperate with the main foreign and Russian producers of materials for the interior elements decor, offering in the Russian market the products, certified for use on aircraft board, which can be divided into four categories:
    • Materials from the manufacturer’s collections (catalog choice), available at its warehouse (they can be reserved and after effecting payment they will be shipped to your address);
    • Materials from the manufacturer’s collections (catalog choice), but not available at the warehouse (they can be ordered and after effecting payment they will be produced and shipped to your address);
    • Materials from the manufacturer’s collections (catalog choice), which shall be chosen by you as a prototype. Then the material will be updated in terms of colour or texture (depending on the type of the material), full-scale specimens or computer simulation will be made, and further on – upon approval of the specimens and effecting payment for the order they will be manufactured and shipped to your address;
    • New materials. Design of the variants of the material new pattern shall be developed, its texture and then its specimens shall be selected, etc

    Besides, the customer shall establish the necessity to draw up an estimate for it for the starting order of fit-out materials from the manufacturers (their authorized suppliers) in the quantity, established by the customer.

  8. The customer’s priorities regarding the colour specter and the decor style of the interior and its objects.
  9. The number of variants, the form and procedure of demonstration and handing-over of the design materials.


New opportunities of interior’s decor the aircraft

Usually on the aircraft surface are carried out one-color or with fine repeating figure in the form of various strips, points or other elementary figures on a monophonic background. Thus the interior looks strictly, easy, but it is monotonous.

Airlines try to leave the monotony in the planes’ interiors since passenger transportations have begun. Airlines used the most traditional ways - allocation by other color of the armchairs’ upholstery, curtains, replaceable headrests on armchairs and partitions ornament began. Lawfully or not lawfully there were photos or reproductions in frames, goblins, carpets or other decorative elements.

But great formats decor of all surfaces of partitions or other areas images of recently has begun only recently. Our company already applied this idea in design of planes’ interiors.

Now any full-color image on the certificated film you can choose estimated it on 3D-model of your plane’s interior with our help and you can order in the company United Interiors - the Moscow representative of firm Schneller inc. We offer an example of this technology’s application by airline KLM. Among the Russian airlines the first company will be Aeroflot.




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