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Regarding the aircraft exterior we offer a complex of works on realization of the chain «Livery design, drawings, painting of aircraft» or its separate elements.
Meanwhile, this work will be executed by us at creation by the customer of a new brand, while carrying out rebranding by it, as well as at introduction by the customer to the fleet of a new aircraft (adjustment of the existing livery design to the new type of the aircraft).

Livery Design.

Work with the customer shall be built-up in the following succession:

The stage of development of the technical specification for the livery design is determined by:
  ·  the aircraft fleet, for which a livery shall be created (adjusted);
  ·  the colour specter and the style; the customer shall show to us the priority colour specter and the style of the would-be livery or makes it incumbent on us to make a choice; the customer can refer to the existing aircraft liveries, it likes;
  ·  the number of starting variants in the first iteration and the iteration number (according to out long-term practice there are, as a rule, three of them);
  ·  whether the customer wants the evaluation of the design by means of visualization at a computer 3D-model or only a 2D-model will be used

The livery design stages.

The first iteration shall be conducted at 2D-models, and colourful sketches of the livery painting on paper will be offered for the customer’s consideration.
The objective of the 1st iteration: to discover 1-2 livery variants, satisfying the customer.

The second iteration shall be carried out at 2D/3D-models, and colourful sketches of the livery painting on paper of the previously selected and revised according to the customer’s comments will be offered for the customer’s consideration.
The objective of the 2nd iteration: to choose 1 livery variant.

The first iteration shall be conducted at 2D/3D-models and sketches in the scope agreed by the customer shall be handed over to it for its confirmation.


Development of a set of the aircraft painting drawings.

Up to date many airlines in the post-Soviet space, while painting aircraft, use only sketches of the livery design and its description. Meanwhile, technologists of repair plants, where the painting is performed, can differently interpret such livery parameters as the sizes, positioning at the glider, the paint colour of its elements.
Such approach is fraught with mistakes and waste of time at interaction of the airlines personnel with the plant. A set of painting drawings allows avoiding it.
It is especially urgent for such airlines, which lease foreign aircraft.
If the aircraft livery design was not developed by us, the work on creation of the drawings shall start with obtaining of the initial data from the customer, it has available on this matter as of the order making moment.
Further on the work can be carried out according to the following scenario:
  ·  choice of paints and films with confirmation by the customer of their dyeings and specimens;
  ·  adjustment of the delivery design to our 2D-model of such type of aircraft with its confirmation by the customer;
  ·  creation of drawings (in the Russian / English language); depending on the complexity of the livery design use shall be made of a 3D-model of the glider of such type;
  ·  confirmation of the drawings and handing-over thereof to the customer on paper and in the electronic form.

Author supervision of the aircraft painting at the plant.

If the plane livery design is complicated and if painting will be performed for the first time at this aircraft type, our author supervision of the painting shall be desirable.

On our drafts in many region of Russia, CIS and other world factory's was repaint aircrafts various aircompany's, sach as:
- Mil-8 – «Vladivostok Avia»;
- Yak-40 – «Vladivostok Avia»;
- Yak-42 – VIP aircrafts;
- An-24/26 – «Dalavia»;
- Tu-134 – «Meridian», «Aeroflot-Plus», «Bank Moscow Capital»;
- Tu-154m/b – «Vladivostok Avia», «Dalavia», «S7», «Transeuropean Airlines», «Sacha Airlines», «Sirair»;
- Tu-204-100 – «Transeuropean Airlines»;
- Tu-204-300 – «Vladivostok Avia»;
- Tu-214 – «Dalavia»;
- IL-86 – «Transeuropean Airlines»;
- IL-62ì – «Dalavia»;
- Â-737-300/400/500/700/800 – «S7», «Orenair», «Yamal», «Aviaprad», «Globus», «Belavia»,«Aeroflot-Don», «Moskovia», «NordStar»;
- Â-757-200 – «VIM Avia», «Air Bashkortostan», «Yakutia»;
- Â-767-300 – «S7», «Nord Wind»;;
- Â-747-400 – «S7»;
- À-320/319 – «S7», «ArmAvia», «Vladivostok Avia», «KolAvia»;
- À-310 – «S7»;
- À-330-300 – «Vladivostok Avia»;
- CRJ-100/200 «Belavia».


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